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Digital Real Estate is a collaborative agreement between a client (you) and a service provider (us) to mutually support each other's growth. Our role is to assist you in leveraging our services to boost your business. One of our offerings is automated services like Missed Call Back AI Responses. We handle the online tasks that you may not be familiar with or lack expertise in, all for a fixed monthly fee. Our prices are highly competitive compared to other online competitors, and our services are even more exceptional.

Pricing Of Service

Pricing varies, like we said before we thrive to help smaller businesses grow and in this we understand that not everyone has a wallet packed with money. We ask for a flat rate of 500-1000 dollars a month to use all our services which is much cheaper than alternative competition. Not only that but we will even dip as low as 250 dollars if you meet certain conditions such as being a new business with limited fund, just in a tight financial situation and need a little wiggle room. We are here for you! just remember to compensate us down the road if your business starts to take off like a rocketship.

why choose us?

Welcome to our agency! We're determined to impress you, even more so than established agencies. In the digital realm, many tend to overlook the potential of online real estate while focusing on AI and other trends. Unfortunately, this neglect often leads to untrustworthy practices. However, our website is different. We believe in transparency and creating a comfortable environment for you. As a small group, we understand the importance of starting somewhere and growing together. That's why we offer lower prices and strive for a mutual partnership, not a one-sided game.

Automated Systems

Too many features to list but some of the notable ones are Automated Workflow charts allowing customization to your liking and automated messages for each of your different online platforms such as, instagram, google, facebook and many more! another neat feature not offered by a lot of agencies is we clean up your google business profile up for you. Clean? doesnt look dirty, i know! however there's little feature to boost business growth you may be unaware of, we help with that. Lastly most customers favorite service from us, Automated Call back messages. Yeah you heard it right, no more missed opportunities

Why do all the extra work online when you could be relaxing watching your business grow almost effortlessly

What we offer is unique only because we just want to see you succeed in growing your business, thats why are prices are unmatched online in this digital industry. Schedule an appointment today! the world is shifting into a digital era and we are part of this historical moment that together which comes once in a lifetime. We promise you'll see our companies name online in the near future as one of the strongest leaders of Digital Real Estate. Be our first clients and lets succeed together! Cheers to success!

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Transforming the Landscape of Irrigation with Innovation and Sustainability

July 14, 20234 min read

“Transforming the landscape of irrigation with innovation and sustainability.” - Santiago R Booth


Rain Bird Corporation has established itself as a global leader in the irrigation industry, providing innovative products and services for over eight decades. With a strong commitment to water conservation and a track record of industry leadership, Rain Bird has revolutionized the way we approach irrigation, making a significant impact on food production, water management, and environmental sustainability.

8 Reasons

With that said, here are 8 reasons why you should join rain bird to help our planet today!

1. industry leadership and innovation

Rain Bird's journey began in 1933 during California's agricultural boom, and since then, the company has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation. With over 450 patents worldwide, Rain Bird has been at the forefront of irrigation technology. Their groundbreaking invention, the original impact sprinkler, was a game-changer for the food production industry and was even designated a historic landmark by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Rain Bird's dedication to innovation drives their constant pursuit of more efficient, effective, and water-saving irrigation solutions.

2. Extensive Product Range

Rain Bird offers the industry's broadest range of irrigation products and services, catering to various applications and customer needs. Their product lineup includes sprinklers, dripline systems, pumps, timers/controllers, and much more. With over 4,000 water-saving irrigation products, Rain Bird ensures that their customers have access to the latest and most advanced technology. Whether it's farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments, or homes, Rain Bird has the solutions to meet diverse irrigation requirements.

3. Commitment to Water Conservation

At the heart of Rain Bird's mission is the intelligent use of water. The company is deeply committed to promoting water conservation and efficient irrigation practices worldwide. By providing high-quality products and services, Rain Bird enables customers to reduce water consumption without compromising on the health and beauty of their landscapes. Moreover, Rain Bird's expert water management professionals actively engage in education, training, and service initiatives to create long-term, responsible partnerships within the industry and surrounding communities. This commitment to water conservation has earned Rain Bird numerous accolades and recognition for their contributions to sustainable water

4. Exciting and Impactful Projects

Rain Bird's involvement in fascinating projects around the world further demonstrates their dedication to water management and environmental sustainability. From designing irrigation systems for professional soccer fields in Brazil to engineering intelligent golf course irrigation systems in Florida, Rain Bird plays a pivotal role in optimizing water usage. Their partnerships with organizations like the eco-city of Dubai Silicon Oasis and their contributions to the renovation of the National Mall in Washington D.C. highlight their commitment to making a positive impact on water conservation and environmental sustainability. By being part of Rain Bird, individuals have the opportunity to work on exciting projects that shape the future of water management and contribute to a more sustainable world.

5. Expert Water Management and Education

Rain Bird's commitment to water conservation goes beyond their innovative products. They have a team of expert water management professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. Through educational initiatives, training programs, and partnerships with industry and communities, Rain Bird strives to promote responsible water management practices. By joining Rain Bird, individuals can contribute to this important mission and become part of a community dedicated to educating others about the intelligent use of water.

6. Industry Recognition and Awards

Rain Bird's dedication to excellence has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades throughout the years. Their high-quality products, innovative solutions, and commitment to water conservation have earned them the trust and recognition of industry experts and customers worldwide. By being part of Rain Bird, individuals can take pride in being associated with a company that consistently receives acclaim for its contributions to the irrigation industry.

7. Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

Rain Bird's products and practices are designed with a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship. By promoting efficient water usage and conservation, Rain Bird plays a crucial role in preserving one of our planet's most precious resources. Their involvement in projects that support environmental sustainability, such as the eco-city partnership in Dubai and the National Mall renovation, demonstrates their commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable future. Joining Rain Bird means becoming part of a company that values environmental stewardship and strives to make a positive impact on our planet.

8. Customer Testimonials and Satisfaction

Rain Bird's dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through the positive experiences and testimonials shared by their customers. Countless individuals, businesses, and organizations have benefited from Rain Bird's irrigation solutions, experiencing improved efficiency, reduced water consumption, and beautiful landscapes. By joining Rain Bird, individuals can be part of a company that prioritizes customer needs and strives to exceed their expectations, creating long-lasting partnerships and relationships built on trust.

Start your adventure to save the world today!

Join Rain Birds Today Click Here

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